I met a girl I am really interested in should I continue to pursue it or not get my hopes to high..?

I met a Girl at my 12 y/o daughters BFF Mom's wedding last Saturday. I sat at the ladies table and we talked, well to be honest I talked for most of our hour long conversation. I had an issue with my Ex-wife about parenting our 3-girls and her inability to be a mother to them so that was the topic of conversation, I apologized for spilling my baby mama drama on her but she said she really wanted to hear it? Then after about an hour she got up and left. I really didn't know anyone there except for my daughters BFF and her mom the bride who I've known for about 5 years. I left since I didn't really know anyone and I felt like I scared the girl away with my drama. The bride later dropped off my daughter at my house and came in and told me the girl asked about me.and she seemed really impressed with me. So I contacted the girl on Facebook, and then the next day I got her number and text her, we have a date set for wine tasting this Friday. When I went to drop off the brides daughter after she spent the night, her Mom came outside to tell me she heard I had a date for Friday and she told me the girl had called her to tell her and she sounded all excited. I was texting her yesterday for about 2-3 hours but she said she just got to dinner with a friend and she didn't want to be rude so she said she'd trxt me in a bit, its been a day and no text. I feel like texting her but I don't want to seem desperate. Am I right to feel like I'm way more interested in her than she is in me and I just need to back off. I do feel that if I don't talk to her or text her till Friday then the date will be off, so I'm kind of needing some female advice. The girl is beautiful and I'm sure she has no problem having all kinds of guy friends so maybe I shouldn't get my hopes up..?


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  • She definitely is interested in you at some level or she would't even ask about you (she would just ask "who was that boring man?") or talk about a date with anyone. At the same time you can totally show you're into her. Keep the mistery. Let her guess. Don't mislead her, of course, she must know you're interested but not at what level for now - same as you.

    Try this:

    - Don't over think or overdo. I get that you're excited with this possibility, but be cool about it. Focus on other things while waiting for her to make a move.

    - Wait for her to contact you now. She knows how to do it. She was the one that cut conversation last time. This might even be intriguing for her, she might be used to seing the guys make the extra effort because she's so beautiful, and she's waiting for you to say something asap.

    - If she takes more than around 10 days, go ahead and talk to her. Only a "how you're doing" and add a "I waited for a couple of days for you to say something, but just figured you changed your mind" to let her know that you didn't forget, but you also didn't gave it too much thought either. Let her be the one to keep the conversation going. If she's distant and almost doesn't talk (short words, short sentences) move on. If she keeps the conversation going, be flirty, but wait for a second time around to ask her on a date.

    I don't mean to advise to make it a game. But women do need the mistery and the guessing a bit. Relax, be cool, be smart about it, when given the opportunity show her that you like her but don't put pressure on yet ;)


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  • Back off a bit. But keep the communication line open. As you converse seek out another opportunity to ask her out. If she flakes out move on

    • thats good you suggest that. most girls seem to HATE when a guy goes oout with multiple girls at the same time. you're just keeping your options open. so if one girl becomes a disappointment you won't feel like complete sh*t cause you have others to explore with

  • I think you should try it and just have fun, no expectations.


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  • Basically, I'd say wait a few days. She may be busy, so give her time. But also, give yourself time because it's not healthy for you to put so much of your personal stock into a girl you just met.

    Then, text her again. But if she doesn't respond or she doesn't make any effort whatsoever to keep the communication open between you two, then delete her number and move on.