Getting back with the x, but she's weird....

Me and my x have been dating for three years.

We broke up after two years, I moved. We seen other people.

4 months later I moved back to be I with them...

Her and her 4 year old son. She is 7 years older then me as well.

We were going good, and then I had this tooth surgery and

the drugs they have me, anti biotics screwed with me..

She let me stay the night, but then all morning she was in her room and when her x called she said she needed her space.

I started obsessing over her x. Haven't seen her since I started

texting her if she's seeing somone or her x.

We stopped texting for a week. And then started to text again.

First few nights she was acting like a kid. one word texts.

quick good byes. Few days after started to normal text, morning to night. So things are picking up again.

But the past week now she has been disappearing at nights.

We broke up because I accused her of cheating a few times.

I donno, I just don't like that she just stops texting at random times of the night. doesn't make me feel good on the inside.

Am I over thinking this . Today was the first day she said she misses me. and that's good.. but to disappear again..



She replied two hours later just now saying she got busy and good night.

Am I over thinking this
Bad spelling, and that's new...

then she awnsered my question from hours ago

i replied, about time you're getting more dresses, looks sexy on you.

Annnnd no reply.

my nights would be so much better if she would just text back...

And this is the girl I am trying to get back together with..

so I donno if she is testing me or...

just sucks...
ok so 30 minutes later she replies and says

thanks and tells me every bit of detail and then

seems happy. And we said good night...

Call me crazy please.


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  • well if you think she's weird, don't date her!


What Guys Said 1

  • Not crazy sir, move on.

    1. You have trust issues with her specifically, even if you stick around it's going to take a very long time to get over them and the relationship will continue to be rocky while you deal with it.

    2. This whole hot and cold thing with the text messages, been there it never ends well.

    It sounds to me like she's a player but that's a snap judgement based on your synopsis.