Why can't I stop thinking about him!?

I really miss this one guy. He lives in another city, but it's only a couple hours away. We haven't talked in 2 months. I've texted him several times but he hasn't replied, and the last time I tried was July 6th. I miss talking to him, hearing about his day, talking on the phone, flirting, just chatting about life; most of all I miss how he genuinely cared about me and was there for me, especially when I was going through a hard time. It's so easy for little things to remind me of him. I miss him to the point it makes me sad. I'm not moping around or not doing anything, I go on dates and hang out with friends, but in the end he is still on my mind. I want to try texting him again, but I don't want to be creepy! I know if I do this has to be my last time. I'll probably come off as annoying if I do, but hey, can't get much worse now right? What do you think..what would you do?


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  • I tend to be direct so what I might do may not suit you. I would simply ask if anything was wrong. I would point out that we had been out of contact for a long time and ask if I had done anything to offend. Generally such a message get some sort of response, usually with an explanation.


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