Guy I have been dating did not text me for one day and he has been texting me everyday for the past 3 weeks

I know, its only a day. But it got me wondering what goes through a guys mind when he does it.

He has done all the initiating. I told him the reason I don't text first and he was OK with that. SO I don't think it is a test.

I gave in and texted him and he texted me right back and things seemed fine.

Ladies what do you do in this instance?


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  • Literally nothing goes through his mind. It's not something he decides like "Today, I won't text her!"

    You're way over thinking it.

    • I hate when women ask "what are you thinking". Half the time were not thinking anything. We're men and we have that capability. It's awesome aside from when she decides to disturb the peace.

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