Does he want to be friends again?

Long story short. So there is this guy I like for a really long time. After he rejected me, we still hung out. Two months ago, he suddenly told me he was rejected by a girl but was still crazy about her. I was completely heartbroken at the time. Then we got into an argument because he refused to walk me home from the gym. I didn't let him go and he finally got really upset and start yelling at me. I was completely hopeless at the time. I wanted to hurt myself. When he noticed it, he called 911 and later on he picked me up at the hospital. On our way to my home, he said he wanted distance between us.

I almost cried but I finally agreed.

One month later, I bumped him on campus. We talked for a bit. But he said:"We are more like acquaintances now, and I am not gonna give you attention out of my way." That made me really sad. I kept asking him to give me reassurance, but he refused.

I sent him six text messages and he finally gave up and said:"Yeah, we can be friends after you get your emotional issues."

Two months later, I texted him:

Me:"Hey how are your summer classes going?"

He:"They are stressful. Tooo much work. How are yours?"

Me:"Streeful too. Tooo much memorization."

He:"That doesn't sound fun at all."

Me:"You are probably busy with incoming finals too."

He:"Yeah, I didn't sleep last night Because of lab report."

Then I just stopped.

Three days later. I texted him again,

Good luck on your test this week:D

He didn't respond. That text was actually a convo starter. So I texted him again:"I feel bad. I think I am being overly harsh towards Diana(Our mutual friend.)"

He responded two hours later(I texted him around 1am, and he replied at 3:11am)

He said:"Why? What is going on?"

Do those texts mean he is still willing to be my friend? If so, why would he want to be friends with me, who adds so much stress to his life?

He already makes it very clear that he can't be with me.


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  • You need to start getting your head together and stop looking to outside people to make you happy and complete. He sounds like he's being polite to you, but you appear to be very controlling and obsessive over him.


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  • ow why you don't let him go? I know its hard but your weak with him don't chase after him

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