How would you feel if someone texts you good morning?

In this case not someone you particularly interested in. Would you be annoyed? Would you think that person is weird or anything?

I was thinking to text this guy who is a friend of mine, just a good morning/have a good day text, not to strike up a convo or anything. But I'm not sure how he feels about me so I'm afraid that it would just annoy him.

  • I would be annoyed
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  • I would think that person is weird/annoying
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  • It's fine
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  • Actually it would make me feel good knowing someone cares
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Most Helpful Guy

  • i would be OK with it, unless it's carlos (anthony weiner) danger looking to sext me and send his d*** pics O_o

    • Lmao what about Cesar Scourge? =P I used to send you good morning texts sometimes, remember? Though no d.ick pics. =[ Hahaha

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    • Man, that's only gonna work when I'm not at home and I'm gonna have to go out of my way to find d.icks to send you, haha. My reception in my house is horrible, I can hardly ever text pictures from home. =P

    • i don't think I can receive them on my primitive ass phone anyway lol

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What Guys Said 2

  • Well if you like him then go for it. I'd appreciate it because I'd know that I was the first thing she thought of in the morning.

  • Id appreciate it, especially if I liked the person! Go for it!


What Girls Said 1

  • Either C or D but you should try it out I cannot see what could go wrong there.