Would a guy keep texting a girl if she told him something she(thinks) might have turned him of

Been seeing a guy for two months. No sex yet but everything else. The other day I told him I had three cats. He loves animals and has a dog of his own. But I'm sort of afraid that he might not want to be with someone with turned him that many animals.

I thought I turned him off but he did text me the next day after I told him that(his initiation) saying Hi and also that I left something I bought while we were together at his house.

So guys if I had turned him off would he have still texted me or would he just not text at all?


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  • Having 3 cats isn't a turn off. It is a turn on for me personally because that probably means your very maternal, and like to take of your kittens! And that is always attractive.

    • thanks for that :) So, if this HAD been a deal breaker, would you have texted me the next day if you were turned off or would you just ignore me and not text?

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    • yes I really thought that I am over analyzing, its just something I was really worried about telling him thanks a lot :)

    • you welcome, have a nice day!

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  • No, they will ignore you from that moment on.