Is it better to text him back, or to just ignore him?

This guy and I have been texting every day for about a month. Just innocent conversations, mind you. So essentially, yesterday we were having a regular conversation. I received a notification that he read my text at 1:00pm. However, he didn't reply until 8:00pm, and his excuse was that he had to "move a table and it took a long time". Obviously, this is a lame ass excuse. It's been a day now, and I haven't texted back, nor has he texted me. Should I text him, and if so, do I make a scathing comment about his poor excuse or do I just ignore it?

You probably don't care, I don't know, but he ended up texting me.


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  • Why does it matter? It's not even like you guys are committed or even dating. Even if you WERE dating, it's still OK for him to not respond to you for a few hours, or 7 hours. I think you need to let this one go. Pick your battles, if you are going to cause a stink about every little thing he's not going to enjoy being around you. If he doesn't enjoy your company he's not going to continue to date you. What are you hoping to accomplish? Will you get there by pursuing this trivial matter? Probably not.

    • I see what you're saying. So should I text him?

    • I wouldn't. He was the one that 'dropped' the conv & it's been a whole day since you've heard from him, I'd be curious to see how many days he'd go . . More than 3 or so I would assume he wasn't interested anymore. Which in turn, would kill my interest. I like my guy to be a tad more attentive than that. I only say that since you've been speaking every day for a month & now this. My guy & started with contact every 3 days or so, & it gradually built up. He always made his interest obvious though

    • He's made his interest quite obvious as well, telling me that he wanted to get to know me better, he thought I was cute, etc. He asked me to a movie as well. But I think you're right, I'll hold off.

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  • You should do this: Get a life.

    • ... I'm just looking for some input here, bud.

  • What do you want out of this? If you want to progress and start getting to know him, text him. Ask yourself if you are willing to never talk to this guy again over him not texting you back right away.


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  • Forget it and don't bother him if you think he's not interested to talk to you anymore.