Does he likes me or is it just me assumption?

when I was 15,i told my crush I like him but he said he only wanted to be friends.but since then,he becomes awkward with me.he address me by my name and he address himself using his name and not by using 'I' and 'you'.we live in the same neighbourhood so we always accidentally meet each other.

when we are 18,he studied in another region,so we hardly meet.i love texting him but he will always reply only a few messages then I decided to distance myself from him and stop texting him.he never text me first.however,every year,he will always text me to wish my birthday and usually he is the first one to wish my birthday.i also never forget to wish his birthday.

then when we were 20,he went to UK to further his study.the day before he went,i called him and we talked.but at that time,i can feel that the awkward feeling is not there and we talked like friends.when he's in UK, I decided to forget about him and move I stated to distance myself again.

last month,he comes back to our country.i try to avoid him whenever possible.but,ever since he got back,almost everyday I will accidentally meet him but I pretend I didn't see him there.then,one day,he text me asking me where I am because he thinks that he saw me but not really sure if it was me or someone else.i lied to him and said that I didn't see him.but after that,whenever we met,he will stare at me but I look at him he will quickly averted his eyes.

and yesterday,his friends invite him to go somewhere but he didn't go and later last night we met and he stare at me like he wanted to say something but I turned away because I am not ready to hear anything from him..does he likes me now?


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  • He doesn't "Know" you to "like" you. But he's definitely curious. He probably wants to know what's going on with you and maybe catch up. Talk to him, but Just like a friend. and see what he has to say.

    • thank you :) but I always feels nervous around him and don't know how to talk to him :(