Possible to go on a date before the end of the year?

Seeing as it's Aug 1st and I've never been on a date I'm very skeptical that between now and the end of the year I can score a date. I have a profile on both POF and OkCupid but I never put that much thought into them.. I don't know some of the girls just looking at the pictures seem a little too into themselves.

I notice girls in the profile under about me they will be like follow me on instantgram.. that's a huge turn off..
No way I can see going on a date before the end of the year.. not many days left and still nothing.


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  • Ha ha ha..You're title made me laugh. Kinda what I've been thinking myself. I've been on one date so far this year. I do have one tentatively scheduled date for next week.

    Best advice I can give you is to chunk OkCupid. Keep POF around since its free,and maybe the right one will contact you. I find the paying sites are better. Christian Mingle, and Eharmony.There's a TON of people on Match...but I've had terrible luck on there.

    Make sure you have no more than 3 photos of yourself...2 would be better. One casual, one in a suit. These need to be 2 of your very best photos...smiling..showing white teeth. In the about me section...don't write your lifes story there. Keep it very short...talking about the kind of woman you're looking for. Show a bit of humor. Whether they want to talk or not depends on your pics alone. Whether they will want to meet will depend on your email conversations.

    • LOL funny thing was I was told my about me was too short.. but I did it just like you said I gave a little info about me and I told about what I was looking for in a women.. I had one person look at my page on POF but she was OK cute but no response.

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  • yes, you have plenty of time, keep trying and taking risks!

    • Wow women are so shallow! I sent messages to at least 3 women that were not your basic messages but about something I saw in the profile they wrote about..

      I love how they don't write back and I had no intentions of trying to make things go further then what I was just talking about.. In my case it was this one girl who said she knew she looked good for her age so I told my experience about that as well.. lol no response but they look at your profile. Some other profiles I was you look nice...

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  • You could probably make it happen.

  • The guy I know who has done the most online dating would message 10-20 women a day when using online sites, and set up 5-10 first dates a week.

    • Only thing I worry about if I do hear back from some and I end up with a conflict in dates.. But I don't see that happening but just wondering.

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    • Ha this time I think once a day.. I find if I do them all at once I tend to use the same messages for each person.

    • Good. Sunday to Thursday. One. A day. Minimum!