He's a really really bad kisser, to the point I'd almost rather not kiss. What do I say or do?

This guy is an abominable kisser. It's like he doesn't get it... or he is just... I don't even know. He doesn't slobber all over... but it's like he misses my mouth... like he's not really kissing me haha. There like soft little pecs over and over again on my mouth, but never actual kisses... if that makes sense... and his idea of french kissing is me sucking on his tongue... outside of his mouth!

I don't get it. Part of me wants to be like just stop kissing me and I will kiss you. He doesn't follow any of my movements and his movements are so weird that I can't even follow them.

How do I teach him without offending him?

It's too the point that I pityt him. How could any girl be turned on by his kissing? THAT BAD people. That bad. He's got a great personality... I mean, I guess that's good...


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  • Here are some suggestions:

    A) Tell him gently that you don't like the way he kisses ie. "sometimes when you kiss me I feel like your missing my mouth...etc."

    B) Show him kissing instruction videos on YouTube or other internet videos and suggest that you try it together

    C) tell him you want to try something cool with kissing and tell him to follow what you do and then kiss him properly and tell him explicitly that it only works when you do it this way

    whatever way you do it, when he kisses you properly provide some form of reward incentive for it., ie. that felt like a great kiss, or smile and say that was awesome, the better he kisses you the longer the kissing continues, or anything else you can think of that is fairly natural and subtle no punishments just rewards for good kissing. This is called operant conditioning btw.

    • I think all of those sound great, but the videos... that might be a bit harsh. Yeah, I wasj ust never sure how to bring it up with him! This is really helpful though. .. and he needs it! He's such a gentle/soft/pec kinda kisser that when I went to have him kiss my neck it was like he didn't even get it... and I'm pretty sure he'd almost never be capable of a hicky!

    • I agree you need to be gentle with the videos. So it's really like a lack of pressure, huh? I think it's pretty cool that you recognize there are more important things in the relationship than the kissing and you're willing to help him improve. I'm glad I could help brainstorm some ideas.

    • Oh absolutely. It's not a deal breaker. I think it's important to be able to please someone physically AND emotionally... but I tend to put the emotionally first since the physically can always be worked on.

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  • id tell him straight but nicely and then say tht ull teach him or watch instructional kissing vidoes on you tube or something like tht... if you like him don't break up with him for a changeable thing like tht...

    • Yeah, I shouldn't leave him for that. I haven't yet!

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    • hmm thts weird good luck tho :D

    • Maybe he's not that into me and he's faking? I don't know if that's even possible, but maybe hahaha. That's sad.

  • Lmao I'm just trying to imagine this...you can't really bring up the fact that he's a terrible kisser and expect to not damage his ego :P.

    • Terrible. He's TERRIBLE. I don't know how he's ever managed to have 3 serious relationships and sex. Ok, that's a bit harsh... but idk... it's like he's not even kissing me... it's like he's just doing some action haha

    • Imagine sex then lol...probably doesn't stick it in all the way...just pokes you a little over and over...lmao

    • hahahaha that's what my friends said! So awkward.

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