Met online and this is our first date night out...

ok long story short, my job is a air-hostess aSo I've been single for a year and half after the last serious broke up with my ex. I figured I decided to meet someone out there really looking for a relationship than just for flings, (although I still know it could happens... ) but because of my job I'm not in town alot, so it is a bit difficult to stay contact. so I give it a try meeting someone on an dating app.

I have been talking a short while with this guy who just literally moved to my country maybe around 3-4 weeks, he is from Switzerland, and working as a banker, but turns out on our first date night, we had a amazing time night out, we had drinks, we had a great time together, went to a restaurant and we just having fun and sharing our traveling experience, and I know his work is pretty busy, and after that we walked by the bay area and the park, and he made the first move and we kissed. he said he was very nervous and wanted to kiss me since the beginning he sees my smile.. it was kinda romantic but the kisses was quite passionate too, like I mean, he wants to kisses me like at least 20 steps then he would want to stop and kiss me again.. which now I think I shouldn't let him? since it was our first kinda blind date.

after I got home, he texted me if I got home safe and says sort of he was nervous and excited, and it was his first time went out with a Asian woman, he found me attractive, cool, well travelled, and relaxed, and he said he is attracted to me. and he sent me a voice clip.. which was in french, (we speak English to each other) I had no idea what it means... but I sent to a friend of mine who is a guy but only speak okay french, he said the voice clip seems like he seems really wants you, and some sort of miss kissing me and wish I had a good night etc. I found that a bit exotic, but I worried I would get it wrong again would be another fling to me.

i know he had a big meeting in the next day morning, got his text he texted to say good morning and wish me have a nice day.

yesterday I jsut got back from another country, so I got his text and he said he found an apartment, and wonder when I will have time come and visit... I try to take it as a house warming? or maybe he wants to have a move on me.

imo, I found him him he is VERY cute and attractive, smart and funny, and was being a gentleman a whole night, so his move was a bit surprsied me but the kisses were good tho.

just wonder what you guys think about that... ?


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  • sounds like a very fast move.

    How long have you known him?