Guys....Please answer....Should I text or call him?

i was DATING this guy for about 5 months and 3 months ago I decided to end things with him because he claims he wasn't ready for commitment. he still wanted to be friends but I said no. I was hoping he would realize that he wanted to be with me by me telling him we couldn't be friends. Well since then we haven't had any contact, he hasn't tried contacting me. he did try a few days after I ended it, but I texted him that things were no longer the same btw us. Since then NOTHING! Well his b-day is approaching and I want to know if I should text him for his b-day or will I come off as being desperate?


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  • Call him.

    • Will hetake it as me being desperate though?

    • Possibly, if you mention your relationship. Just talk to him as a friend would, who knows? You may talk to him and realize there's no flame anymore.

    • So are you saying that I shouldn't call because I don't want him to think I'm desperate. I'm used to guys always coming back to me anyway and since he hasn't I think it makes me want him more, but at the same time I do have my pride. I wasn't going to call I was just going to text happy bday. I really don't want him to think "yeah I knew she would come back"

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  • If there's nothing between you, let it go. Don't contact him, it'll just make getting over him that much harder.

    • Well its already been a challenge especially since he hasn't tried contacting me and I really had chemistry with him and he was actually the very first guy that I've ever felt really comfortable with. and because he hasn't tried contacting me it really makes me wonder

    • If he hasn't tried to contact you at all, he's probably already moved on. Chances are, you can do better. So, it's going to suck, but it seems that he's moved on. Sorry, chica.