I was seeing a guy for 3 months. We were never dating just had a thing I really liked him a lot. Things were

Always good and we never fighted we never had set rules like you can't see anyone or anything like that. But he told me he was only with me all my friends told me he's playing you. But anyways one night he said he was coming over but never did we'll its happened twice. And I just finally got sick of it. He was always the one who would text me first and a lot of times he'd text I'd ignore him just Because I didn't feel like talking at those times. I texted him the other day saying that I'm sick of having feelings for a douche bag who's been playin me this whole time everyone says so. And he texted me back saying "how did I play you and wow your crazy just give me my sh*t back (clothes and etc that he left at my place) and ill never talk to you again. I can't believe I had feelings for you I feel so stupid" any ways we haven't talked since that and I don't know should I just give up or should I try to fix things? please help


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  • Well do you still have feelings for him? If yes, then try to apologize and work things out with him. He should work it out with you too. If not, he has moved on.

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