'cute little girl' or someone who he would eventually like to date

This guy and I text one another in a vague flirtatious manner every summer.I wanna hang out in person and see if our chemistry extends to 'real life' But I get mixed signals from him.

He is older, and over the years has had varying attitudes for me. He has called me kid, doll, told me not to stay up to late, asked for a picture (not dirty), asked me about deep and personal topics, told me not to have too much fun at parties, with winky faces, etc. We

What I'm confused about is whether these things he says show that he views me as a 'cute little girl' or someone who he would eventually like to date.

I'm 19, he is 21.


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  • ok, it's only two years. Even at your age that difference hardly matters. If you want to know you have to ask, if you don't ask you'll never know.

    Some guys use cute the same as they would pretty or beautiful. Sounds to me like he's interested but that's just my opinion, he may just see you as friends because you've known each other so long and doesn't want to mess that up. Regardless, you should ask and find out. If you've known each other for a long time it shouldn't mess up your friendship beyond a short awkward period.


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  • Not sure but if you post a picture of yourself I could advise you better... Do you have the "cute" look or do you have a more "womanly" look?... I have been through both stages so I probably would know better than anyone what you are dealing with...

    Post a pic of yourself and I will give you my opinion based on my personal experience... I would love to help... :)