What did I do wrong? Please help!

So this guy and I went on an amazing first date! We kissed at the end! We soon hung out a second time and he acted really affectionate and kissed me a lot. We finally hung out a third time and watched a movie and he also kissed me again. But lately he has been ignoring my messages and taking a long time to text back it seems. I got worried and just told him that I liked him and really enjoyed hanging out with him and wanted to know what he was thinking to make sure we are on the same page. It has been a day and he hasn't responded! Why is he doing this? I am really hurt right now!

On the second date I mean he was hugging me and holding my hand! Why would he suddenly stop responding to me? Did I do something wrong or was he just using me?
He is the one who contacted me for the first time and asked me out. He used to text me a lot and would respond almost immediately! What has changed in a period of like 5 days? I know he ignored my message about how I felt about him because he posted song lyrics on Facebook from one if my favorite artists (he knows this) and it said via his phone. Haha I know this sounds dramatic of me I just really like him and don't want to get hurt this early on


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  • It sounds like you are coming on a little strong and he's pulling back. Pull back the messaging and if you don't hear from him, he's giving you the fade.

    • Thanks! I really like him...he came on pretty strong at first too though. On the second date he kept kissing me and touching me. He hinted towards hanging out in the future (like when he moved into his new apartment) he even invited me over his house when his parents were home...did I get the wrong idea?

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    • Just to update you ha ha he responded saying he has been thinking about what I told him and asked him

    • Well I hope it works out

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