Help ASAP boy problem

Hi I like this guy, we met at summer school. recenty I've been falling crazy for him, I always want to text him and I always think about him. so according to his friends he used to say that I was cute and used to talk about me a lot but now... I'm not so sure if he does. but when I was like hey I hope it's not too awkward when we hang out and he's like it probably will be and says "i don't know if we'll meet, I'm leaving to this country, but hopefully, will you miss me?" and I denied it at first but I admitted it afterward. I don't really quite know he's intentions. usually he doesn't text me first and he sees my message and reply like 3 hours later... what is this? does he like me or want something serious maybe or is he just.. not interested in me at all


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  • It really doesn't matter if he likes you does it? You said he's leaving the country right?

    • no it's just a vacation, I just said do you wanna go out with me let me know if you can make it this Tuesday, and he said Tuesday... I can't I have a test and my finals... that's probably a red light, and I shouldprobably stop shouldn't i?

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    • oh ha ha he didn't alright thank you for the help :)

    • Yup

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  • Its hard to tell but I think you should stop contacting him first and let him come to you sometimes.