My "best friend" did this should I even bother contacting her again?

So here's the story we're both 22 and I've known her about 8 or 9 years since high school. This year she has been very flakey when meeting up. She cancelled on me like 5 times before I called her on it and she apologized. She did that 2 times again then again she apologized. Then she cancelled on me last minute yet again. Actually was suppose to meet up with her for coffee and she said she would be there by a certain time earlier that day. I message her closer to the time no response. Then I call her no response. Its the 3rd time she's gone MIA like that. An hour later after the time we were suppose to meet up she said she fell asleep and now she doesn't have the car because her brother took it. She tells me she's going to call her brother to see when he's coming back. Then half hour later she texts me saying yeah I can't get the car. Doesn't even apologize. If this were a one time thing I would let it go but she went MIA twice on me before and cancelled so many times. This whole year we basically haven't met up and she lives like 20 min away from me. She works full-time in the summer.

I called on it again last week saying I would be mad but it seems she doesn't care.

She replies a day later saying that I always want to hangout when she's working and not when I'm working and that's not fair and it goes both ways.

I tell her that I don't schedule days to hangout and tell her I'm not available rather than not going MIA.

And the last time she cancelled she wasn't even working

She goes no well most of the time its work-related.

Last time before that she cancelled we were suppose to go to the movies and she went MIA again the night of.

Texts me a midnight saying how her aunt came over and she couldn't leave. Couldn't she just message me when her

aunt came over so I can plan my own sh*t. Then before that we were suppose to do lunch the night before she said she's down.

The next day I call her she's still in bed my first day off and goes I'm too tired to get out of bed can we do this tomorrow, yet again cancels.

Anyways last agrument got heated and she said that she's sick of me making her feel guilty...literally says that.

I told her that I don't like that she keeps bailing and going MIA and now its making me look like the bad guy.

Now its been a week and we haven't texted where we usually texted off and on everyday.

She's leaving in 2 weeks to study abroad, should I even bother contacting her.

Also I think she blocked me on the chat app we talked on because I can't see her profile pic and the last time she signed on.



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  • No.


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  • She doesn't seem like a real friend.

    She is no longer putting any effort into your friendship.

    Talking to her about it isn't working.

    As hurtful as it may be, save yourself some dignity and move on.

    Make friendships with people that care to have them.

    It's a two way street.

    You shouldn't be putting all your energy into something, and not

    having the person give that back.

    • Yeah, that's what I mean by "She is no longer putting any effort into your friendship." She was at one point, which is why you were friends for so long. But she isn't anymore for whatever the reason may be. You need to see her as the person she is now, and base your decision off of that. She clearly isn't the same girl you met 10 years ago. You can't be the only one trying for something, she as to be equally trying as well.

    • true will not be talking to sad feels like a break up. She knew all my sh*t about guys and how some of them rejected me recently I think it feels like she has an upperhand on that in that way and thinks she's better than me.