Is this too soon or is it OK to do it?

I met this guy online on a dating site...hes a decent down-to-earth type of a guy- friendly and sweet as well...hes always curious and asks me questions about me and my family, get to know me. We really "click" and he tells me I'm hot and he has even told me I'm a "goddess". We made out and fooled around on date number one ( I don't normally do this but me and this guy really click and stuff sorta just happened on their own - he initiated btw)

So far we have met 5 times...he says he's looking for a girlfriend. He was saying he has been out on a few dates that he didn't enjoy but he really likes my company.

Now he's asking me when can we have it too soon to do it? or should I get to know him better?

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im 24 and he's 27...


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  • Way too soon. Would you rush into friendship with someone? Especially best friends? WHy rush into a relationship and sex? Get to know him more. And be sure he's not lying and just trying to get into your pants and then drop your ass after.

    • does he seem to wanna get into my pants?

    • No way I can say. I don't know the guy. Far as I can tell it could go either way. He could be interested in you for a real relationship, alternatively he could just want to get into your pants. Why I urge taking things very slow. Players, while they can last even up to a year (I've seen) waiting for a girl to give into him for sex (usually he'll just cheat on the side while he waits :|), they eventually f*** up.

    • ya true

  • He basically just want to have sex with you apparently the way you described it, it's way not normal for a guy to be acting like that so he is a sexual predator.


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