I've been told that there is a time in which guys stop dating around but look for a wife. Is this true?

I was told by a colleague of mine that there comes a point at which guys don't necessarily date but look for a wife. Is this true? I'm 23 years old and I've been told that I'm very mature and focused for my age. I've never had a date or a boyfriend but people keep telling me not to bother with guys since I have so much on my plate and they will just distract me.


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  • it's true- that age is usually btw 26-40 (I say usually, because ya still got guys 'playing the field well into their 30's)


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  • I'm 25. I've never really had a girlfriend, or really been out on a date. I've been out with girls, they take me out but that's about it. I think there are some that would be interested in going out, but they never come over and talk to me. A lot of cat and mouse action. I'm pretty busy too, I got ALOT on my plate for someone my age. The thing with me is, everything is dynamically changing. I think when you get older you're views may change...


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