My ex girlfriend who dumped me is interested... How can I tell if this is real and what should I do?

My ex broke up with me for no real reason that I thought at the time 3 or 4 months ago and not long after I see this guy flew up her top friends. I find out they are dating and they broke up about a month ago and now she is talking to me quite a bit wanting to hang out and have movies nights and all this. She told me the same thing before we started dating that she couldn't imagine her life without me. When I told her that I still had feelings for her she told me I should stick around because who knows what might happen... She is still getting over this other guy. Am I reading into this more than I should? What should I do is it worth waiting around?

I have flirted around and tried to move on but no matter what as soon as I start getting over her she pops up and wants to hangout.


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  • In my opinion, there are two possible reasons why she came onto you again after breaking up.

    1. She realized that you were much better than other guys and genuinely wants you back.

    2. She knows that you still like her and she's just using you as a temporary satisfaction.

    RIght now, I'm thinking it's #2 because she said, "you should stick around because who knows what will happen". She's going to be keep using you as a rebound guy if you keep sticking around and wait.

    What you need to do is limit your relations with her. Don't get into deep conversations. Don't go to the movies with her. Don't tell her that you miss her, even though you terribly do. She'll go out with other guys and when they don't work out, she'll come running back to you. It'll be an endless cycle.

    So reject her offer for movie nights because you need time to forget her and move on. Actually, just don't have any contact until you're sure that you're over her.

    If you follow my advice, and she has common sense, she'll realize that you're not to be toyed with, have some respect for you and start taking you seriously.


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