Seeing a guy - he's pulling away. What do I do?

Been seeing this guy for a few months, everything was going great. We've been intimate, I've stayed over, I've met some of his family, we're "exclusive" and we've been on 8 dates.

All of a sudden, this week he's pulled away. He has been busy, but his texts are shorter, and more abrupt, he doesn't take time to start/finish a conversation, when normally he does, just to let me know he's thinking about me. He hasn't left me high and dry with texts, he has text every day, but it's less frequent than normal. This has been going on for about 3 days.

I really like this guy, and I don't want to lose him. I haven't been initiating any more texts than I would normally, I haven't asked him what is wrong, and I'm trying not to hound/pressure him.

I want to meet up with him again soon, should I wait and see if he comes back? Or should I broach the subject of a 9th date?

Why do men pull away?


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  • Some guys use the push/pull technique. Look it up it's real interesting. They advise if a guy pulls away then the female should do exactly the same! He will be sure to come running if he's really in to you. If he doesn't then unfortunately you just have to move on from him. I know it's hard when you like someone but you have to. On a brighter note if he doesn't then at least you will know and not have to sit wondering and worrying.

  • If he is really busy, then it would be normal to send less frequent and less descriptive texts. I would only be really worried if he had completely quit contacting you, although at this point I would be paying attention to what happens next. If he cools off, then you cool off . . . match his level of interest. I would also let him bring up the next date. Just keep calm and be watchful, his intentions will become obvious.

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