Ever dated someone you don't like because you felt bad?

i know its wrong...TRUST me I know...but I once dated a guy for several months who I stopped liking after at most the 1st month. All of my family/friends said I should stick through prom with him since he asked me because he is a really nice guy and it would be mean not to. I just kind of avoided him and didn't show affection because I really didn't like him anymore. I feel really bad for putting him through that confusing time. Has anyone else had a similar experience?


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  • Actually lemme ask you, and nicely because personally I'd curse you for life if you did me dirty like that lol, but what was it about the dude that killed your attraction for him? like after that month, what did he do if anything, for you to lose interest?

    • Well he just had like no confidence and it was a huge turn off. and he did weird try-hard things like trying to act all cool but with the lack of confidence it was ridiculous. lol I wouldn't blame you if a girl did that to you- I def regret it now.

    • Hmm well ic where you said it was your first relationship, so I'll chalk this one up to growing pains. but I can tell you, we HATE women who we feel like toy with us and don't take us seriously, esp when we're doin nothin but being good to you. Your best bet is to come clean with the dude from jump if this happens in your next relationship, he'll at least respect your honesty.

    • Yeah I agree. def not doing that again.

  • You really hurt him! Why did you continue when you knew you were not into him! Such girls like you are a real problem%$#^%$&^%&^. You should be clear about relationships. You let him build castles in air and crashed it all of a sudden. Boy! that hurts too much and it happened to me. I was on the other side of this case that's all I can tell.

    • It was my first relationship and I didn't know how to handle it so foolishly went by advice by my friends and family. I'm sorry that it happened to you :\ I know its messed up- but the past is the past and I can't change it now. plus I don't really feel bad because the guy is a total douche now.

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    • Psshh no. he tried to be cool before that (thats what turned me off). it just got even worse after he became a pothead- which I had nothing to do with.

    • Fine one positive thing is you regret what happened.....which some of the girls don't do.....i must say thank you.

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