Boyfriend comfortable so wanting to see me & dates have become less?

we have been together for 10 months

he is an amazing guy & has always been honest and good to me

he used to write me love poems and goodnight messages and want to take me places all the time BUT after the 9th month, it slowly died down.

we barely go out on dates.

i know usually they want to see you every day when its new and exciting but at the same time, I would like to be asked out..

what do I do? without confronting him and sounding completely horrible.


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  • ? How many days a week does he take you out on a date?

    Its natural to die down after a couple of months. This is the perfect time for you women to step it up and save your relationship. Don't put all responsibility on the guy, if one person is the only one steering a relationship, he will eventually lead you off to a cliff.

    Btw there's married people who are happy together and only go out on dates once a year, and that is their anniversary. My aunt and uncle are such a couple.

    • after a huge fight we had, it took a while until we got better again. now we are stronger than before but its usually once a week if not less.

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