So he told me he cares for me but never shows it.

So I have a weird relationship with this guy we hook up and whatever anyways he told me cares about me and I know he does but lately he has become distant, doesn't really text me or text back. I know he is really busy with his new job for the next few weeks and he warned me that he should I peg the distance to him being busy or should I take it personally?


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  • I just got out of a similar situation and I feel like it was because my ex had a big ego...he said that he was into me and would constantly reassure me that he cared about me but he was also in a band so he was always busy with music. He didn't give me the attention that I deserved as a girlfriend, and the insecurity built up and I bugged out and called him like 20 times when I thought he was ignoring me...I think the best thing is to talk to him directlty about your attention needs and if he can't give you the attention you deserve as a girlfriend break it off with him and find someone that can...maybe he's not ready for a relationship and needs space for work...I tried leaving my ex when I wasn't getting enough attention but he was going through a difficult time with his mom's death so I felt bad, but I let him drag me down in the end and he ended up leaving me.

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