Why do you choose to date?

So many of you out there are dating but why are you guys dating? Probably most of the relationships won't last too long anyways...u date someone then some problems come up and you guys split and then you date another...why? is it worth spending so much time, money and energy in dating? do you do it just for the experience? is it because you see someone ur attracted to and you just want to be together? but can't you just be friends with someone ur attracted to? or is it just cause you want the status of being someone's girlfriend/boyfriend and that need reassurance that someone out there loves u? or do you feel lonely and constantly need someone there by ur side cause ur friends and family aren't enough...so why do you date? (especially teens)


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  • i really don't like dating because there is too much chit chat about your past and your future and how I'm plan to take care of you. Just go out and have fun. But when I do date and we talk and maybe we have dinner, at the end of the date something intimate should happen like holding hands or holding each other , because she has to like you a little bit to go out on a date with you. It just might be tougher for other to hook up or just no experience. maybe on the next date you might be making out. I would only ask you out if I was interested.


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  • All anyone really needs in life is one person who truly loves them, and basically the only way to find that person is by dating.

  • u date to see who ur compatible with (yes, this means you should never go back to ur ex)

    thats why we date


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