Why he want to leave me and totally ignore me

We knew each other through online, we dating 6 time. The first and second dating he talked a lot with me, the third and forth, he only contact me when he want dating. He got ask me to stay together with him, but I reject. and he told me we are friend and said you don't want be girlfriend right because of his religion and he scare I get pregnant and said he don't want to take responsible if I get pregnant. The last dating, he told me last minute, he want me to wait for him for the dating because he is busy, then in the end we had our last dating. In the end of that last dating, he told me he found a job at other country and told me don't expect too much the relationship. Start from that day he delete my Skype friend. I call him he no answer. I felt sad he delete me from Skype, and totally don't want to contact me.


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  • Sorry girly.But he is just not into dating you at the moment.If I were you,I would move on to someone who treats me better and with respect.You shouldn't be waiting around for this guy...HE ISN'T worth your time.Sounds like he was just playing games,or playing YOU for that matter.Just move on girlry,you WILL find someone much better.

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