How can I make it up to her?!?

So me and this girl have been boyfriend and girlfriend for a out a week now but one thing that's been bugging me is that we became boyfriend and girlfriend over text (palms face). We were on a walk at 4am and she had to be home and I brought up how I was leaving to school in the fall and asked her what we are. We were already at her house and so she had to go so we texted about it after I left and I basically told her I really liked her and really wanted her to be my girlfriend. She said she'd love to and so there we were, official over text. I hate that that happened and really wished it happened in person. I don't want a "texting" relationship and I totally regret asking over text but since I'm leaving soon I felt I had to get us established soon before she kinda gave up on me thinking I was just using her for the summer. EITHER WAY! How can I make it up to her since you feel awful about it and I'm sure it kinda bugs her too?


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  • You don't have to make anything up to her. I think instead you should celebrate the fact that you're official by taking her out on lots of really fun, unique, and cool dates. A good one would be something like a picnic with food that you've prepared yourself, a blanket, a sweet spot... and go-karts afterward. Topped off with a movie at home. You can mix and match date ideas, but the idea is you want her to understand that she gets perks as your girlfriend - mainly your time and your personality. It's not about spending money, either; she would surely appreciate a bouquet of hand-picked flowers more than the most expensive store-bought ones.

    You can mention to her in passing that in the future, you'd prefer to do the important decision-making face-to-face, but don't make the reason for seeing her be about apologizing. It will set a bad tone. You want to be upbeat and happy that you're in a relationship! I'm sure she's thrilled and HOW it happened may not even bug her as much as you think. But yeah, you want to spend time with her and treat her like you meant what you said over text. Make the words into reality.

    • Very good answer and thank you for taking the time to respond :)

      Me and her are going out to a local theme park in Toronto about 5 days to spend the day together and I want thinking of ending the trip with a funnel cake from this stand at the theme park (they're delicious and she likes them) then going to my house and watching a movie. I get kind of lost when it comes to treating her as a Girlfriend since my last relationships have been with very distant stupid girls

    • No problem, I hope it helps. Hit me back with best answer once the rest of the community has had a chance to weigh in.

      Also, I just answered a relevant question: How do I treat a girl more like a girlfriend?


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  • Aww that's sweet that you feel bad about asking her to be your girlfriend over text. If you really feel bad about it you could always re-invent asking her out. Like take her on a walk and when the sunsets give her a folded paper saying will you be my girlfriend? Mark the box. And have two boxes with yes and no. Give her a pen and have her say it out loud. Or spend the day with her doing things she like and in some part of the day give her a cheesy corny funny speech about your feelings for her and ask her to be your girlfriend. You don't have do anything big just something sweet and memorable so she'll look back and smile when she thinks about you.

    • I think that'd just confuse her and make me seem really really weird :P I just don't really know what steps to take. I want to talk to her about it and hear what she thinks of it. But I don't know if I should just forget it and treat her as best I can and make everything else important in person

  • just tell her how you feel.

    • And then what? Ask her out a second time :p?

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