Should I contact him first to set up the meeting where I am going to breakup with him?

So I dated this guy for a couple weeks now, but never got to serious, thing is he was studying for a huge exam and under a lot of pressure so he asked for kinda of a timeout, which I didn't really mind to give him, just for 2 weeks. We talked after a week because it was the day of his exam and he told me that the timeout didn't matter, that he missed me tons and blah blah, thing is after that he hasn't talked to me again.

I told him I wanted to meet up so we could speak it all through, so I can tell him I don't wanna keep dating cause he sorta made me feel used, kinda like when I feel like having you I will ring you? I am no booty call of anyone hahaha, so thing is Do you girls/guys think I should set the meet up, or wait for him to contact me? and should I come out straight and tell him what I think of all this thing, or just keep it to myself and give him a classic excuse, like I don't have that kind of feelings for you anymore?

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  • Honestly, if I were you, I wouldn't dump a guy just based on the fact that he had an exam and was focused on it for a couple weeks. How long has it been since his exam? You guys haven't been dating very long as you said, so he's probably a little nervous about the whole thing still.

    If I were you - and again I'm not you - I would give him one more chance to prove himself. If I were in his position, I'd be a little indignant if I guy dumped me,because I was being a responsible student. Ask him out on one more date! If he says he's busy flat out, then you can tell him that you'd like to move on. It could be though, that he's been planning to call you for the last couple days and hasn't gotten around to it yet!

    If he's been dodging your phone calls, that's one thing. But just because he's been genuinely busy the last couple weeks is no reason to cut a guy off completely just yet.

    Give him one more chance :)

    • I agree with anonymous user. Plus you guys agreed on two week break and he was cute enough to text to tell you he missed you. And we you guys are just dating there is no need to meet up and break things up. The same thing happen to me but the opposite way around, and I thought it was kind of dumb for him to break up with me because I couldn't talk because I had an exam. He is being responsible, that should be a great thing.

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What Guys Said 2

  • There's a reason the classic excuse is classic. It spares everyone's feelings, especially where you don't have any strong feelings, and that's the problem!

    So yes, just give him the classic excuse, and tell him without a special meeting to avoid a lot of drama that won't help either of you.

  • If he's not contacting you in over a week, it's just over, anyway. No need to talk about it.


What Girls Said 2

  • Why are making such a big deal? If you wanna break up just stop contacting him. Or say it over the phone or text. A few weeks doesn't warrant a scene like that.

    If I were you I'd just keep him in the back burner. You know plan B

  • Just ignore his calls or texts and he will get the message!

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