Do you think its possible to lose interest after not seeing someone you could potentially date?

I met this guy while out with friends over a week ago.He seemed nice,but we were suppose to hang out,but our weekends have been a bit busy...and he cancelled our first date because he *forgot he had to go to a work thing.And then yesterday we were suppose to meet and he changed the time to 10pm.I had to put him in his place about changing things last minute,and I declined hanging out that late for a first date.Anyway,I'm going camping next week,and he said he is going out of town,and family outting etc.There hasn't been much communication because we thought we were going to hang,so there hasn't been any phone calls,or a lot of texting.

Do you think its possible that things will just dwindle and die out?


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  • i'm going through the same thing and having a hard time seeing this girl I was interested in , last couple weekend I though I'd see her at local bar she likes to go to but she had other plans , she went to a wedding one weekend and a country music festival this weekend so I didn't see her either nights at all . but I'm still interested in her , I haven't lost interest yet but concerned things might not materialise if she's never around when I'm available to hang out with her but we never made formal plans just sort of run into each other at local bars/clubs but did sort of have a mini date at pub once when we sat at table and talked for a bit


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