Guys: Encouragement for a girl before a date?

I'm meeting with an ex this week and I think we're both interested in dating again.

I'm really nervous though and I'm wondering what kind of encouragement/advice you boys would give to a girl before we meet up again.

(My biggest fear is that I'll clam up and forget how to speak properly/listen actively . . . since that's pretty much what happened on the phone with him. Or that I'll start to shake and he'll see it!)


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  • Alright so you've dated before, obviously you've talked before and what not :P think of this as a fresh new start. If its been a while then you're probably both pretty different than who you were before! You're obviously something special and he realizes that and wants you back. Go into thinking that you're special that you are a girl that he is picking over many others. Be confident but sweet, you already know things about him so play to those but also get to know the new him. A good starter question "what's new?" And build off of that. If he played hockey before ask him "are you still playing hockey?" Itl be a breeze! Have fun out there and remember that just like you he's just another person lookin for a deep connection. Good luck and I hope all goes well :)


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  • Two things:

    1) Just relax. Life is a journey, so just kick back and enjoy it. You'll be amazed how much better your life becomes when you stop caring about the outcome.

    2) Are you sure you want to date an ex? He's your ex for a reason; people tend to only remember the good times and forget the bad times.

    • He's not a real ex. We dated casually for six months five years ago. I called it off because he wasn't ready to get serious and I was. There was no big brawl or hard feelings. Just a respectful and solemn goodbye. Now, I'm in a great place in my life (sounds like he is too) and I'd like to see where it can go.

  • Remember that the date is only an introduction, not the high point of your life. Don't worry how you will 'perform.' Just relax and be yourself, as if you had bumped into each other by chance and were just catching up for a few minutes.

  • that he's probably more nervous than you are.

    and if it doesn't work out, just remember why he's your ex in the first place.

    • He was nervous on the phone too. It made it doubly awkward, but I guess it's a flattering thing . . . so he should be flattered too.

      This is an exciting feeling.

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