How soon after your first kiss did it stop being awkward and got a lot better?

I'm almost 22 and still haven't had my first kiss. I'm going on a date with a new guy next week and I'm nervous about our first kiss.

How long after your first kiss did it stop feeling a little awkward? How soon did it take you to feel you were a decent kisser? What can I do to calm my nerves about this? Any tips would be great.


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  • If you feel like your kisses are awkward, then that's a reflection of your innerself.

    I had my first kiss at the age of 18, I will be 21 this week. Since then I have kissed three other guys. The only one that felt awkward was a guy whom I wasn't romantically interested in. We only kissed because it was a romantic setting and he had feelings for me. We were on the street, under the stars after having a night time adventure where he got to be all protectvie over me. So I played along for the sake of not crushing his ego and being able to say I had a special night like that. But it was awkward on my end because I felt there was no chemistry.

    Other than a situation like that, kissing really should not be awkward unless you have no confidence, creativity, and are an awkward individual overall.


    1. Be confident

    2. Don't approach kissing like it's rocket science lol

    3. Enjoy yourself

    4. Make sure he's enjoying the kiss

    5. Be passionate

    6. Use more than your lips.


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  • it never stops. lol, every time you kiss someone new, it will always be awkward. I had my first kiss when I was 15 1/2, I'm 24


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  • I think it gets natural And I've never heard of it being awkward

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