Is he playing me or is this something ?

Ok Ihave been seeing this guy off and on for about 6 months we recently saw each other. To get right to it he came over hugged me at the door for like 5 min and we sat down and talked.. He stared at me in my eyes for over 20 min I looked back but felt kinda creeped out, we talked some more started playing around but he kept saying he doesn't kiss but let me kiss him.. He than told me he wouldn't take me anywhere anymore and that he is going to be very busy , I backed up away from him and his face looked sad he said are you OK and I said yea whatever. We had sex than we played around for a while.. Here is the weird part he use to give me rides everywhere and I would goto my friends house and he would get out the car and linger around us hanging out with us up to 2 hours and he just had to drop me off.. He always did this even when we were in the mall people would ask if we were a couple he would say yes.. So when he was getting ready to leave my family cae in he decided not to leave right away kind of just linger around my family took pictures and all he never said hi to anyone just stood there and scared the crap out my mom. Anyway he didn't walk out until we were all done taking pictures but he decided to hold a convo at the door he stated I'm going to text you is that OK and I said so this is a business thing you text me and me not text you he said no its not like that. I said OK whatever I got mad and thought he was playing me so I decided to write a text and cut him off... What do you'll think ?


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  • Sounds shady, He came to your family party and didn't say anything? Is that the type of guy you want to bring to family functions? because that is weird. I can definitely understand your mom being scared. I think this guy has his own issues and one is that he might be socially awkward.


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