Is this a date or not?

I met this guy through a mutual friend. We have hung out as a group before. He asked me for my number and we have been texting each other everyday since then. He asks me what I like and what my favorite things are. He said that we (talking about me and him because our mutual friend went back to school) needed to hang out before school started back. He mentioned seeing a movie that we both said we wanted to see. He lives about an hour away so he's coming up here and we are seeing a movie and I think hanging out at my house playing some video games. My question is: is this a date or just two friends hanging out?

I guess I should add to my question. Does he like me as more then a friend?


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  • usually going to see a movie is considered a date if its with a guy , however just hanging out watching/playing video games in my mind is not a date . so it sort of depends what you end up doing

  • A movie is a horrible first second and 6th date. During that time you should be wanting to get to know each other. Not starring quietly at a screen. Really doesn't sound like a date to meet. "haning out" is normally reserved for friends IMO. Playing video games at your house? Its that what people in their mid to late 20's do these days?

    • I'm almost 30 I hope I'm still playing video games and hanging out with friends when I'm 75. sure I hope to have my own house and things in my life but living and working tward my goals isn't going to change my hobbies and things I enjoy doing.

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    • ooh. I understand what you mean now. :P

    • @ update. I don't have any reason to believe its a friendship thing. You'll know soon enough if he consistently asks you out each week,and tries to kiss your face after the 2nd date or so.

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