Is he just playing with me? What should I do?

I had a LDR with a guy and it seemed to me like he liked me a lot. But then he started to change his story from- he will come to my country to pursuing me to go to his country and leave my job. I had started a degree in my country so I told him in the end that I will come and live there but Ill have to finish my degree first. And that we should combine our comings to both countries until I finish my degree. But he disagreed and wanted me to leave my degree and come right away. And leave everything I had.

So I broke it up, he didn't complain. But then we had a contact over Skype after 4 months and until then he is contacting me from time to time. He is also viewing my page on FB (since he is the only one who can view it from that city). And he put a profile pic with another girl. I didn't react and then he poked me. And then also sent me a Skype message. I replied- If you are expecting me to react to your profile pic ure waisting your time.

And then I wanted to check smt up. I put a relationship status In a relationship today. it took his half and hour to comment- Congrats. And I replied- Wish the same to you too. He replied- I wish. So I sent him a text on FB saying- you lost your chance. He replied- As I said, congrats. I replied- But Ill consider that you are mad about me so maybe Ill change my mind. And he replied- Time will tell. I replied- I'm happy to see how fast you noticed my status. And he replied- What can I say, I'm stalking u. I replied- Its obvious. And it stopped.

Well... What do you think- Should I waste my time or not? Is he sorry or he is just playing with me?


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  • No don't waste your time, for one it takes about 3 months of living with someone to really get to know them, so how bad would it suck to drop everything in your life to go to him, and then find out you're not compatible. 2 you're having problems and not even around each other so that should tell you something. You sound like you have a level head, your efforts would probably be better put to use on someone near you.


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