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Ok so my Girlfriend is off to College and ill be starting senior year.(We've dating for a year and a few months) We'll still be dating during the School but we won't as much of each other that we would like so we're planning to have an entire day together before school starts, but I need some ideas. What are some fun things that we could do? We were going to spend the evening at my house playing videos and watching movies ( That's right, my girlfriend loves video games) but what are some fun things to do like during the day? We live in MAryland and also very close to DC but we've seen almost everything in DC. What do you guys/girls suggest we do?


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  • I'd recommend a good long workout together at the gym. Hot tub and sauna if the gym has one. Go home...shower (together if you want). By this time you're going to be really hungry. Take her out for a nice lunch or make her something at your place. Come back to your place...for movies video games, and other activitites..wink wink. Sleep...then wake up...go to dinner...maybe listen to some live music.See if she'd like to do some shopping.. It won't kill you once...just use her credit card! Take her home..and screw like rabbits until the sun comes up.

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