What should I do with this guy?

This guy I'm dating wanted to keep things casual. On our third date, he couldn't keep his hands off me and keep on touching my hips and legs. He would stop when I tell him to stop, but after a couple of minutes he's gonna do it again. Then when we parted ways he lifted me up and literally squeezed me to him and told me he just wanna feel me. I thought he's gonna let go since he's slowly bringing me down (he intentionally making it slow to have a rubbing feeling...) but then he lifted me up again and squeezed me. I told him to stop Because it's getting uncomfortable.

He also asked me to give him a kiss and I said no Because we're not exclusively dating. He tried to ask like 3 times and didn't get some lol.

He wasn't like this on our previous dates, so I got surprised why suddenly he's getting physical...

What should I do?


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  • Well... He seems kinna off obsessive and possessive to me, be careful.

    If you really like this guy you should tell him to respect you, (hold his horses). I advice you not to be violent with him either, I don't know if he is the violent type, but people like this can be dangerous once they have eyes on something they cannot get.

    Once he crosses the line with you, he will not respect you.

    I wouldn't date a guy like this, worst hang-out with him, sorry!


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  • Get as far away as possible. He's just looking for p****. And he sounds like a f***ing creep.