In the army, can your deployment date move up?

i want to join the national guard but I'm worried about deployment. my friend was suppose to deploy in October to afganistan, but she did the two weeks training just last week and this is her second week. they pushed her date up to September when she was suppose to leave in October. I thought you had to train 3 months prior to leaving? anyone have husbands in the army that deploy? how is their deployment ?


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  • That's odd. I was in the army, granted I was active duty, but even national guard and reserves have to go through basic training and AIT. Basic training is 2 months, and your AIT depends on your M.O.S. mine was 7 weeks. And then I had 10 days leave before I went to my first duty station. As far as when they can deploy you, when you enlist they own you, they don't even have to pay you. They do, but by all rights they literally own you. Deployments get changed, sometimes you're supposed to go home and you don't, sometimes everything gets turned around, but they can do that, and when you sign up they tell you that you belong to them. If you're not interested in being deployed I would suggest you don't enlist.


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