Online (FALSE Advertise) Dating - Kill me

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Via online dating I met a guy who woo'ed me. Flowers, Chocolates, Teddy Bear, Perfume.

Then I meet him - he's going bald and quite thin. Not the tanned, muscley, full-head-of-hair younger version of him.

I overlook the physicaly shortcomings because hello I'm human and have them too. He was enigmatic, vivacious, loud, engaging, full of jokes and - drunk.

I stupidly slept with him on the first night after going home alone (he called incessantly and finally I allowed him to come over).

I saw him two weeks later for a booty call after I realized he's not serious about dating. It had been a while for me and I thought oh well I will take it for what it is and leave it at that - but he wanted to 'hang out' afterward. He revealed that his brother is part of a gang in Sydney, shows me photos of 'the new Chopper Reid' - a notorious Sydney criminal who he's friends with. Blasts 'Hed P.E' all while talking about how cool him and his 'gang' are. How they are brutal but, all nice to him so - they're cool. (IDIOT!) in my head I'm thinking um buddy it's only a matter of time before they turn on you. you might have a nice apartment and money now, but they are using you and your 'trucking' business for their own agenda.

So - from being a self-confessed 'mummys boy' to 'gang member facilitator' over the few weeks I knew him, (he owns a warehouse they 'use' as a bikie club) Isn't that false advertising?! And how the hell do people get so good at REELING you in and then droppig you flat with reality?! I REALLy thought he was a good, sound, humble business man! This is so far away from what I expected!

Needless to say - shall never be booty calling him - again. And I've turned off online dating for a while...

maybe it really is better to just be single and wait. so many freaks out there.

Oh! and he bragged about how he and these gangs guys see cop cars from his apartment and smash fruit and random objects on their cars. or throw lemons at peoples heads...he's 28.



Kill me now. Seriously. ARGH!

  • WOW! He's a keeper!! LOL :)
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  • He may be a nice guy, just caught up in wrong crowd. Don't get involved.
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  • Get involved - you'll be dead in a few months!
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  • Drop him like a sack of sh*t fast. He's lost
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  • He may be a nice guy, just caught up in wrong crowd. Let him chase you now.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Why do girls always meet guys like this yet when they have a chance to meet good guys who are the real deal they run like the plague?

    • I think it's because girls (not just guys) enjoy 'The Chase'.

      I don't think that human beings value that which comes to them easily and naturally as much as that which has to be earned and laboured for.

      Funny - Sucky - but true...

    • I don't see this as a chase, unless you're into chasing these types of maniacs. This is more of a case of common sense. Guys who are into the chase just screw the girl and move on.

      I think it speaks worse for the girls who continually choose to hang out with these types of people when the warning signs are clearly there.

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  • That's a bad experience. Move on to the next one.

    I mean, you aren't seriously thinking that most guys are that crazy? What I don't get is why you're still entertaining the idea that he just might come around...

  • Wow that sounds like a crazy ass time, I bet it was fun!

    Also, sounds like he wants to be liked by you, but has gone balls deep way too fast.

    Seems like you've got some experience now to say the least, Jesus!

    • Lol it WAS fun in a weird way! But also, I feel like I got out in the nick of time. He could have easily been dangerous and most candidly probably already is, so I got lucky. I wouldn't recommend that anyone go back to a guy for a booty call if they have doubts about him

  • 2 weeks is awhile? lol.

    And I wouldn't turn off online dating all together now, I'd just say be more careful and stop rushing things.

    • you don't think 2 weeks is a while? gap from first date?

    • oh I misread, I thought you meant 2 weeks frmo when you last had sex and so that was too long before you have sex again :P

      2 weeks between dating and contacting the other or dating again is a bit much.

  • who is stupider? I mean, he's a total loser, but you slept with him and he got laid.

  • if he was good looking then youd stay

  • How does someone woo you with flowers, teddy bears, perfume, chocolates and such online? Did he mail them to you via Amazon lol

    But yeah, in online dating profiles people never say any of their faults. It's only whatever makes them look good. A social resume I guess. He knew the online sex personals were a scam so he figured he'd make up some bullsh*t dating profile and get the same thing.

    It worked too, you slept with him on the first night even after seeing he was older, balder etc and then went back for more. You should've realized from the moment you saw him that the differences between his online photos and his actual appearance weren't his only false advertising. "Fool you once, shame of you. Fool me twice, shame on me."


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