Help with my sugar daddy please?

YES I HAVE A SUGARDADDY! for those of you that don't know what that is basically a rich man who takes you you money..buys you expensive gifts and so on for your company. you are obligated to look your best and give them amazing well you know..

so anyways...i have a second date with my sugar daddy last date he bought me a really gorgeous chanel necklace and gave me 2,000 dollars. I'm 19 and he's 38. anyways my question is for girls who have had or have a sugardaddy currently.

when you have a sugar daddy how do you act around him? I mean I've been acting like myself..but I just feel so weird (and excited) that he's buying me so many things and giving me so much money for my company...and another thing how do I avoid falling in love with this man? because when I'm with him I feel like a princess and its hard to not fall hard for a guy that is so wealthy and spoils you to death. I know that this is a temporary thing so how can I stop myself from falling in love with this man?


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  • As long as you keep having sex with him, he'll be fine.

    Random compliments no matter how fake also help his ego too. Brains matter none, just beauty to a sugar daddy. He just wants a young girl to have sex with.

    Don't be surprised if he tries to make you feel obligated to him. These "gifts" aren't free. A lot of these guys can be psychos and honestly I feel that a guy who deliberately goes for super young girls is a red flag in itself and shows an unstable personality. I feel these guys basically look to control young girls for money. You may very well end up feeling like a prostitute also.


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  • Is love that easily bought in a 19 year old?

  • I kinda agree with Thguyoverthere.

    Keep sexing him. Look amazing. Give him compliments how ever false.

    Be careful of him though. I can understand a wealthy guy visiting prostitutes. But being a sugar daddy seems to indicate a weird personality.

    That said, I wish I had a sugar mommy, LOL. I need the money.


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  • i don't agree with what you are doing nor have I ever. but knowing as a women in general...follow these rules.

    keep yourself busy. use the money wisely. he and the money should be secondary.

    go to college, become smarter. you will age and he will move on.

    if its only the second date, things will get stale soon for him so just keep that in mind

    for him, you are just a toy. he can and will tell you he loves you and more.

    i saw a married man with a "hooker" in the middle of the street (I parked and saw) she guided him into a deli to the back room, he must have picked some goodies while she watched by the door..he came out after about 5 minutes. him in a suit and wedding band, her, dressed a bit trashy kissing in the middle of the street..its so obvious, he was buying drugs and was from a diff. state and came on business trip or someithg..anyway.

    have fun and protect your self.

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