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I meet this girl on a dating website, and we really seem to like each other. But I live in America, and she lives in Malaysia; so dating is out of the question. However, she is coming to America in two years to go to school; and she might go to a college about an hour away from me. I know waiting two years for one person is not the best and fair solution for me, but I would rather talk to someone who enjoys my presence and treats me with respect. I have been with a few local girls before, and they were all shallow and stuck-up. If these local girls don't see me for the good person I am, I would rather take the time to get to know someone better from across the globe!

We added each other on Skype the other day, and we plan to talk to each other sometime this week, but I have no idea what to talk about with her or what to expect from her. I am really good at prepared scripts over random improv; and want to make a list of things to refer to if I ever run out of things to talk about. What things should I list?

We chatted over Skype via chatbox; but we didn't do a video chat yet. She's the nicest girl I ever talked to; and we have a lot of hobbies and personal thoughts in common! We plan to do a video chat sometime this weekend. I said it earlier: I'm not sure if a loving relationship will ever blossom from this, but I'm sure she will be an amazing pen pal and long-distant friend! :)
We did our first video chat today for close to an hour! It was incredible! She is the most amazing girl I ever meet! Well-disciplined, respectful, and blessed to be a blessing to others. I will definitely keep her as an amazing friend! If more of the American girls I dated were like her, they would be absolutely perfect!


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  • Ha! Me too! I've got a very close friend from Malaysia as well...

    Sucks that we live worlds apart, huh?...

    Just talk about anything and everything... develop a rapport :)

    • I like your advice the best! We only chatted on Skype's chat so far, and we seem to have a lot of the same interests! I don't think love can ever come out of this, but I was once told it is unpredictable! I always wanted a penpal from across the world too! I will be happy with whatever outcome comes out of this! :)

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    • I took your advice, and it was a success! I put it in the updates on my question!

    • Congratulations!

      and I know! - It's amazing how polite and courteous non-American women are!

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  • comment on the way she looks or tell her you miss her..girls like to hear something sweet and if your not comfortable saying things like that..that's fine just go with the flow you guys will eventually find something to talk about and if you need ideas for your list then just ask her how things are or would she ever want to visit you or you visit her..idk plenty of things to talk about or just say what's on your mind

    good luck:)...long distance relationship's are hard I've had a couple..but just hang in there

    • Thank you for the advice! That advice seems to only work if I ever meet her before though. I will use that in the future though. :)

  • Who's to say she won't get a boyfriend by then? Come on be realistic and stop luring minors!

    • She's 18; but she's more mature than you are. If you're accusing me of being some creepy Internet predator, you're wrong! I like her for being respectful and sharing our interests together unlike the shallow American girls I keep on running into. I know there will probably never be a chance for love in this situation, so I am more like her penpal. I always wanted a penpal!

    • Sure

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