Guys, does the farther along you are in dating a girl make you not contact her as often as you did initially?

Ive been seeing a guy for about 6 weeks. From day one he called me daily. Fast forward 6 weeks later, he still contacts me but now its every other day or every two days.

Wondering if this is typical behavior once a guy gets comfortable in datiing a girl or is it a red flag

I should have mentioned we are not boyfriend/girlfriend we are just dating. Do these answers given apply in our circumstance?


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  • I do this. Once we're established and I'm comfortable in the relationship I no longer have the need to be reaffirming myself by means of constant communication. There comes a point when she should know and I only have to remind her of things every once and again to keep her feeling special.

    • thanks for answer, we are dating not bf/gf. does this same rule apply? I sort of thought this was what it was. He felt he needed to give me all the attention when we first started dating and now he knows he "has" me he doesn't feel the need to contact everyday

    • Everyone is different. Maybe it applies and maybe it doesn't. I can't answer that for you, sorry.

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  • When we're in a relationship we get more and more comfortable around each other, and don't need to contact each other everyday, I still contact my girlfriend regularly but not as much as before when I was trying to get her as my girlfriend. It's not a red flag I would say it's a good sign but that can't be said for other men who do this.


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