She acts mad but stays close, drops info about her life

We work together. We've been close for about two years. She got mad at me from a misunderstanding. She cut off communication. But every so often she still would text me a little, then say she still wasn't ready to talk regularly. But at work she always stays where she can see me and looks over at me every so often. She just started seeing a new guy in a rebound relationship, but I know it's out of sheer neediness.

Then last night out of the blue she texted me to ask about something on my Facebook that I'd put about her in a coded message only she would understand. It was kind of a "miss talking to you" message. She unfriended me awhile back, but my posts are public. She says her friends tell her when I post about her, though only one or two are actually friends with my page, and they wouldn't understand my codes.

She seems to try to find reasons to still be mad at me now and disagree no matter what we talk about. Yet through the conversation she drops little pieces of info about what's going on in her life that I wouldn't know.

Do you think she really wants to get back with me? Do I have a chance even though now she's seeing a guy? I've always heard that rebounds usually don't work or last long. I'm open to suggestions.


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  • She seem like she cares. I think you got a shot. If you like her try to ask her to hang out are slowly start getting intouch with her again


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