Texting - Bad with keeping a girl's interest

Sorry if the title is a bit vague.

Recently, I've been talking (texting) to a couple of women. Things usually start off pretty well. We text back and forth pretty consistently. But usually within a few days, it really dies down. One girl I only text once in a while. The other girl completely stopped texting me. Thankfully, I don't have any romantic interest in either of them so it's not a complete loss to me.

Now, I KNOW this is because I'm not the most interesting guy to talk/text to. The reason being is because I don't know these girls that well so I'm not sure if my sense of humor or flirting (nothing over the top, I'm not a creep :p) would scare them away so I refrain from saying certain things. I've not dated in a while or been in this position so I'm sure this is one of those reasons why.

So, I'm hoping to change this in case I meet someone that I do have a romantic interest in. How can I keep things interesting so that they won't stop texting me completely? Girls, if you liked a guy, what would you like to talk about? Would you like him to initiate most of the conversations?

NOTE: Yes, I know texting is lame when it comes to relationships but I am partially deaf so this is my main source of communication.


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  • I'm gonna be up front; I don't give a flying f*** who initiates the conversation, for starters. If you wanna talk to someone- talk to them!

    As for keeping interest via text...just chit and chat about interests. Basic texting 101. When the tough gets going, pull out a cheesy texting rituals. 20 questions, mention their interests. Literally YouTube how to text girls.

    I just think in all honesty, texting in terms of talking to someone of interest is just a way of getting the other person to want to know you more. How much can you really learn about a person via text? Texting is like the movie trailer. Pumps you up, and gets you to go to the movie . They key is to get to know the individual in PERSON. Texting is the filler, up until that point. Its working towards the goal of seeing the girl or guy in the flesh. Does this make sense?

    I genuinely think it is wonderful that you can use texting as A main source of communication, giving your situation. However, this isn't going to be able to be the main source. Your wonderful personality and experiences you have together are going to speak for themselves.

    I hope my advice was clear,and helpful :) Best of luck with your flirtexting adventures!


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  • Try to let the conversation naturally flow. I feel like with texting we over analyze everything, don't get into any super serious conversations, since you are just getting to know the person. Plus if the conversation is boring, you really don't want to end up in a relationship with that person.

    Try finding about their hobbies. I know whenever someone asks me about something I'm familiar with than it gives me so much to talk about. Try finding things you have in common. Or even asking "have you heard of this book?" and you will instantly get into a conversation about your favorite stories, and than that could go into another conversation. You can also even talk about a funny story you saw in the news. Also don't be afraid to add a little humor.

    Usually if I like a guy it will be back and forth between who starts the conversation. If I start the conversation, unless it is one of my guy friends, than that means I am at least somewhat attracted to them. But if I am always texting first, I get the hint he's not really interested.


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  • Just have a few funny stories ready of things that happened to you etc. that you can text as both a subject-changer and a way to keep it going.

    Also, always make an interesting reply with a question or at least an interesting statement.

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