Guys, when is it the right time to ask about exclusivity, and how?

I met him online, we exchanged texts and chatted for a few weeks before we went on our first date. We had two wonderful dates and connected really well, over the next week after the first two dates, he had to travel, but we texted and Skyped constantly. He came back and we had our third date and sex. I have absolutely no red flags or anything bad to say about him. We have a lot in common and it feels right for the first time in all the relationships I ever had. We had our 4th date last week and it was sweet! I'm starting to have feelings for him, and we'll see each other again this week, it will be a month since we had our first date. I really like him and want to be exclusive, I don't want to be in a relationship in which the guy is not interested in being serious with me. I've had bad experiences with non-exclusive relationships and so it's important to me to know where do I stand with a guy, if I'm gonna keep seeing him. So, is it too early to talk about that, and how should I do it?


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  • This is pretty simple, if you have more than 2 dates and they were really good, the guy obviously really likes you too. Bring up how he feels about the two of you as a couple later in the day of your next date, he probably feels you're already a couple and just hasn't formally asked. That's my advice.

  • It's not too early; the right time is whenever you're ready. Here are the two most common ways women bring up the topic, in my experience:

    1) "Are you seeing anyone else?"

    2) "Am I your girlfriend?"


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