Craigslist dating younger girls good or bad?

So I put an ad on craigslist looking to date. I got two response one with a picture and one without one. I put my picture so they know what I look like. I got a response from broth girls one with a pic looks like she's 19 the other one says she's 18. Now I'm 25 I feel like its ethically wrong to date some one that young. Like I'm the sleezy older guy who dates very young girls if I did. Am I being overly judgmental of the situation or would it be wrong to date a teenager.


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  • Let's just stop observe the title of this question, and edit it to: "Craigslist dating good or bad". Let's forget the whole generation issue and all. Gasp wheeze hurl and whimper. My uncle did this and got CRAZY F***S. Fake pics, sleazebag nasty nasty girls, stalkers.

    User beware, first and foremost, you have my resounding concern.

    Now that I am done with my bitchy judgemend ( I am sorry I genuinely thought you ought be warned) lets go back to the 'younger' part. I myself am eighteen and don't think I could bring myself to date someone that much older.I'd feel like he was parent. Think maturity level, aside from 'ethically wrong." I assure you, It'd vary.

    Good luck in you search for love though :)


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  • Ok since the whole Craigslist thing has been addressed, I'm going to go ahead and put my 2 cents in about the age difference.

    I met my boyfriend when I was just a few days away from being 18 and he was 24 almost 25. We started dating a week after my birthday. Now we have been together for over 4 years, I'm 22 and he just turned 29. We have a daughter together and the age difference has never been a problem at all. In fact, I don't even notice it.

    Maybe it's just because he is somewhat immature for his age :P But it works just fine for us!


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  • Even assuming they aren't lying about their ages..which is VERY possible with girls advertising on Craigslist!...

    You'r right, these girls are a whole GENERATION younger than you in terms of their life experience..probably still at home!

    Most people WOULD look at you precisely as the 'sleazy older guy.'

    Believe me, I've been there!

  • Bro, even when I was your age, never in a million years would I consider dating an 18 year old or even 19. Careful with craigslist. Its so easy to lie about your age on the internet. Why not date a girl that's 21-24 years old? Heck, I'm 32 and would not consider dating a 21 year old.

  • If you get along, f*** the haters.