Is it over or not? Should I text him?

On our 3rd date I stopped him from touching me and didn't allow him to kiss me even on cheeks. The thing is he told me that he want to keep things casual but would like to spend time with me. I got shocked why he's getting physical on the third date after hearing that casual status after our 2nd date.

We went out Sunday and I haven't heard from him yet. Also, when we parted ways he hugged me so tight and said I just wanna feel u.,

Guys what do you think?


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  • You might want to update your age! No 30-35 year old would ask that questions! I'll assume you're a teenager, and the best advice I can give you is that both you and he are experiencing emotions and feelings for the first time and they can be confusing! Based on what you think is right or wrong is all that matters. If you're not ready to take that step, don't. If he doesn't respect you for it, do you really want to open yourself to someone who is only concerned about his feelings? This is the most awkward time in your life. It's not easy to deal with emotionally and it's not easy to understand why some people say and do the things they do. And as hard as it may be to understand at this time, someone else will find you attractive AND be willing to wait until you're ready. Don't ever feel pressured to do something you don't want to do. The last thing you want to experience is being a conquest. There are boys out there who want nothing more than to be intimate with someone just to say that they "did it." And I can assure you that you would feel a whole lot worse than you do now if you were that girl. Be patient and trust yourself more than anyone else.

    • thanks for the great advice :)

    • Oh and I'm 31 but haven't been out on a dating pool on such a very loooong time that's why I asked like a teenage girl lol

    • Kick me for assuming otherwise! I think the advice applies whether you're 15 or 51. And we all act giddy at the start of something new, whether it's the first time or the 10th! Good luck!

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  • why'd you go out with him the 3rd time if after the 2nd date he said you wanted something casual? As it seems like something you don't want ... I'm a bit confused by this. Do you want a casual thing or don't you? IF not then it seems like you should be OK with the relationship being over

    he wants a casual relationship you rejected that notion so I imagine he's moved on. he went for a kiss on a cheek so I imagine that rejection is more than he's going to subject himself to. I think it is over. If you want something else or are OK with the casual relationship convey this to him. But based on your actions and response to his advances and requests for a "casual" thing it seems like he decided to call it a day

    • He's the one who want to keep things casual after the 2nd date then suddenly got physical/intimate on the 3rd date.

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    • When he asked me if I'm open for a casual I answered him 'of course we can be friends' I thought he got me there that if it's only casual then we can only be friends. I went out with him the 3rd time because I thought we're just gonna hang out. So I got shocked when he's asking for kisses and touching me lol. I'll talk to him and let him know where I stand :). thanks!

    • gotcha. yeah I think it would be good to do that. let him know what you are cool with and not cool with. That way you two can have a good understanding of what the expectations are and what is fair and foul.

  • It's only Wednesday. If that's abnormal, he probably doesn't want to be rejected again.

    • after our 2nd date (Saturday), he texted me I guess I have to wait till tomorrow. if no text from him, do you think I should message him?

    • Yeah, I would. You have to understand that for right or wrong, guys tie physical affection to emotional affection. If I tried to kiss you and you rebuffed me, I would take that as indication that you didn't like me.

    • K, I'll wait till tomorrow then message him :). Thanks!

  • The best way to forget one person is to go out with another. Even if you get together in the near future, you'll be more relaxed about it. Date, have fun, don't stress yourself. There's lots of other potentials out there.


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