Two "official" dates, quick hanging out a few days ago. Now what?

25 y.o. male who's never been in a serious, long-term relationship. I've gone on numerous dates with numerous women. Longest thing I've had with someone was a three-month-long friends with benefits kind of deal. I always end up having a few-week-long or a few-month-long thing with a girl who hooks up with me on the first date. Very little success with girls who hold out for sex. I've always wanted to be in a relationship since I was 17 or so, but it hasn't happened yet.

I've gone on two dates with a woman who's a few years older than me. First date happened about 6 wks ago. It was brief but ended with a nice kiss. I had to be out of town for 4 wks, so we could only keep in touch via texts and online for weeks. Second date happened 5 days ago. It went pretty well, and we made out a lot throughout the evening. No sex. Two days later, we briefly hung out at her place in the afternoon and cuddled a bit. Still, no sex. Don't get me wrong; sex isn't the only thing I am after. I actually find this woman really attractive in many ways so far. I see her as my potential girlfriend. She seems to like me as well, but I can't fully gauge her interest level because we still haven't had sex yet. I have no problem waiting, but it is something I need in order to see how much she wants me.

She let me know that we can't hang out for the next 10 days or so because an out-of-state friend is visiting her. Even though I'm very curious about this "friend," I haven't asked her anything about him/her. I don't wanna seem desperate. Also, I wanna give her some room so that she can take some time to evaluate what we have going on right now. We haven't spoken since three days ago. For now, I won't call or text her first. I am sure she'll contact me if she misses me. I just wanna keep escalating the sexual tension between me and her. Am I going about it the right way? As someone who's never been in a serious relationship, I am asking you guys for opinions. Thanks.

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  • holy sh*t, jrr tolkien better watch out lol jk

    • well do not have sex with her unless she really wants to, and please use protection unless you are ready to be a father

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  • Yeah man, take her to pound town.

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