Girls who do, have done or would do online dating, are you willing to initiate contact?

Straight/ Bi girls who do online dating, have done it or would be willing to do it, are you the type of girl that’s willing to initiate contact when you see a guy with a profile you like? Or do you wait for him to contact you and just accept it if he doesn’t?

  • I am always or almost always willing to initiate contact with guys I like.
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  • I am sometimes willing to initiate contact with guys I like.
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  • I am rarely or never willing to initiate contact with guys I like.
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  • I would never do online dating.
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  • I am a guy. / I am a lesbian.
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  • Girls receive 100's of e-mails. They most likely don't have much time to be perusing around the website(s) looking for guys to message.


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What Girls Said 5

  • I tired it for a while. I did initiate contact on some instances, when I was immediately interested. But much of the time I had the profile, I was busy with my studies and social life, so many days I only logged on to check and reply to messages I got from guys who initiated contact. (my main motivation for starting the profile was just to see how hilarious some people on there are, so might be another reason why I didn't initiate most of the time. I did take my profile seriously and I went on a few dates with a few guys, but no sparks. I did see a trend that probably guys initiate a lot more than gals overall.) I would say, of all of the messages during my time on a dating site, 97% of the time, guys were the ones to contact first. (Bare in mind MANY guys I blocked and did not respond to due to them being older than my parents or the fact that they were clearly creepy m*****f******!)

    hope this helps! lol

  • I have done it before and I don't think I would again either.

  • online dating. I've done it. met my boyfriend online. but I never initiate to contact him!

  • I've initiated contact many times. When I am online, I always look for profiles and if I see a guy I think I have a lot in common with and I find him attractive then I will message him.

    Sometimes I don't if I feel that he won't like me :P But that's just me. Sometimes I have checked out a guy's profile, not messaged him thinking he won't find me attractive and then Boom! He messages me. So you just never know!

    I always wonder about the guys who check out my profile but don't message. I'm sure most are just not interested, but some I'm sure are and are too scared. So always take that chance!

  • I initiated contact often. I didn't get "100s" of messages as its commonly suggested. I got maybe 3-4 a week. And while I'm not on there anymore (life circumstances changed, don't have time to date), I'd do it again and I will initiate again.


What Guys Said 2

  • my sister initiated contact with a guy from a dating site , they've been dating for over a year now so it does happen . she only used the site to contact him though and he was the only guy she messaged to my knowledge , she had seen his profile and decided to contact him , I guess she knew what she wanted

  • Out of maybe 100 girls on okcupid, ZERO have contacted me first... I mean it's absurd!

    You've got a better chance playing the lottery frankly...

    • Is that 100 girls you've messaged, or 100 girls' profles you've visited?

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    • Oh, right. So you've messaged 100 girls or so, and no girls have messaged you first?

      One girl messaged me first, but then didn't reply when I messaged back. I've messaged about 20 girls so far, and three have replied. One girl didn't reply to my second message though. With the other two, I've yet to reply to their replies.

    • An old tale with a new face I'm afraid...