Will they last? he cheated on me with that girl... and she still wants him even though she knows

forgive me for being a bitch, but I really don't want my ex to last with his new girlfriend. here is my story:

he cheated on me with her, and she found out, but still wants to continue dating him. and they are now famous in the whole school. everyday. and she's really annoying, she is purposely making sure I see them together for lunch and on their dates by walking right behind me with him whenever she sees me walking past them.

SUMMARY: she's willing to continue dating someone who used her to two time me, and well he sort of chose her over me. when they started out like this. can they really last? they are famous among the whole school after all... :/

ps, we dated for about a year, and so far, they have been together for about 2 months.


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  • From my personal experience, a cheater will always be a cheater. It doesn't matter how many times they say that they've changed, trust me they haven't. It will happen again to her in the future. Don't ever let them see that you're bother by this because it will just makes them feel extra satisfy for accomplishing. Remember you're "giving the less fortunate your old toys to play with". Take the high road, and you'll find a better guy later on! Just enjoy your single life for now. Go explore what makes you happy, and show them that they don't bother you at all! That's what I did, and my ex came crawling back to me a few months after they were dating.

    • omigosh thanks. your answer is the kind of answer that I wanted to hear my friends say actually LOL.

    • You're welcome! Glad I can help!

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  • Honestly, who gives a sh*t what others think. They're the most popular 'couple' in school, so what. It's high school. Most relationships don't last or mean much then. If he cheated on you, you just need to move on. Who cares what they do. If they want to manipulate other people and be together despite him being a cheater and her knowing about it, they're dumb and things will not work out. Most likely he will cheat again and she will probably end up one of those girls who sleeps around as a way to get back at guys. Let them be immature and you be the mature one and ignoring them. In the end, you'll be the one who's happy when you find someone faithful and they'll be miserable when they can't keep someone for more than a few weeks.

    • they have been together for about 2 months now lol. and I like what you said about them.

    • 2 months is not long at all. In high school, it may seem like it. But real relationships are considered long when it's been more than a couple of months.

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  • Sweetheart, it's okay to be a bitch, when that bitch turned out to be such a bitch! :)

    No they won't last. He is a dirty two timer, she is manipulative (Based on your word). What we have here is your classic recipe for a toxic and painful breakup eventually.

    Just make yourself not care. Look hot. Be unwaveringly sweet to the both of them. (Not fake. sweet). Kill those d bags with kindness. He will realize what a mistake he made, and with a sugar plum smile you will kindly turn down his offers reminding him what a scumbag he was the last time. In the meantime find a trustworthy sweet man for yourself, and when you two are happily in a relationship, whoever is the 'most famous' couple in the school will not matter. At all.